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Poweramp Products


Hydraulic Dock Levelers

Mechanical Dock Levelers

Because the material handling chain begins and ends at your loading dock, smooth dock operation is vital to the success and cost efficiency of your business. You can’t afford downtime due to equipment failures, frequent maintenance or accidents.

Poweramp dock leveling equipment gives you proven dependability, quality and safety.

Poweramp levelers feature Fluid Logic™, safety stops and folding toe guards. These features provide safety while permitting the efficiency you require.

Poweramp is designed and rated the way a dock leveler is used. That means the weight of the load plus the impact of the fork truck and its speed are incorporated into its design. A 20,000 lb. dynamically rated unit easily handles total gross moving loads of 20,000 lbs. and you pay for exactly the load capacity you need.

As the hydraulic pioneer, Poweramp developed a special cylinder design and exclusive Fluid Logic System™ to provide consistent operation under all conditions. Poweramp dual controls are fully automatic. You get fast, smooth operation without intermediate steps to slow your busy schedules.

Our unmatched hydraulic Fluid Logic System™ is a marvel of simplicity. This self-contained hydraulic control method operates every Poweramp function eliminating the need for solenoids and external electrical valves. Fluid Logic, available only with Poweramp, reduces your maintenance costs and increases your savings over time.

The safety of your personnel and the security of your physical plant are also important considerations. Poweramp construction and Fluid Logic System™ design features increase the safety of your dock loading operation and help maintain dock security in the following ways:

  • Built-in safety stops lock the ramp into position if a truck pulls out while a load is on the platform.

  • Folding toe guards have a side loading resistance of 200 lbs. to protect personnel during the entire operating cycle.

  • The cross-traffic support cannot be manually disengaged, permitting Poweramp to serve as a security barrier for flush-mounted overhead doors.


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The Poweramp series of mechanical dock levelers gives you dependable performance and quality construction at an affordable price. A multiple spring counterbalance system eliminates manual lifting of either the platform or the lip.

By pulling the unit’s release ring, the mechanical spring counterbalance lifts the deck, and the lip automatically extends. Walking toward the lip slowly lowers the leveler onto the trailer bed. For storage, pull the ring and walk the leveler down so that the lip stores into the lip keepers.

Poweramp mechanical dock levelers provide you with a 12" above and below dock working range. All of our mechanical dock levelers are designed, manufactured and rated the way you use a dock leveler – dynamically.

Full box construction and fully gusseted lips with large piano-type hinge tubes offer superior strength providing extra durability.

Two spring-activated safety stops, to limit deck fall at three positions below dock level, provide added safety.

Building security is maximized with night locks to prevent unauthorized building entry and provide cross traffic support.

Standard features include: working range toe guards, gusseted lip and front headers, below dock control, 3-position safety stops, 5/8" to 3/4" lips, proven hold-down and float, 4" tilt feature, milled lip edge and a maintenance safety prop.


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Edge-Of-Dock Levelers
Hydraulic & Mechanical


cheod pic

ceod pic

Poweramp's edge-of-dock levelers mount to the dock face and provide a working range of 5" above to 5" below dock. These units are offered with hydraulic or mechanical operation.

Deck and lip are constructed of high-strength steel safety tread plate, 55,000 p.s.i. minimum yield. Extended life bumpers are molded from first quality rubber. Bumper blocks are 5/16" steel with full length, reinforcing center gussets. Long life hinges include grease fittings throughout.

The hydraulically operated models offer the convenience and safety of push-button control. Our hydraulic design is superior for many reasons. It offers power extension and retraction. The hydraulic lip lock automatically releases upon contact with a trailer or lip keepers, and safely yields upon impact from trucks. Lip and deck have separate cylinders. Our exclusive speed control adjusts leveler descent speed.

The mechanically operated edge-of-dock levelers are the largest selling in the industry. Our dual extension spring lift mechanism offers proven efficiency and durability. NEVERLIFT™ is a lever-assisted operating mechanism that reduces operation to two simple and easy strokes: pull the lever back about 50 degrees, then return it to the original vertical position. There is no lifting, bending at the back, difficult pushing, or leaning over the dock edge ever required.


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Dock safety depends on many factors: alert, safety-conscious personnel; equipment that’s in good operating condition; and, most important, a reliable truck restraining system.

The Powerhook truck restraint is the only device available that seeks, finds and maintains a tight continuous hold on the rear impact guard throughout loading and unloading operations. It’s programmed to operate both vertically and longitudinally to eliminate any gap between the hook and rear impact guard, effectively eliminating "trailer creep". For added safety, when Powerhook is equipped with the leveler interlock option, it will not permit leveler operation until the hook is engaged.

Powerhook is firmly anchored in the loading dock pit for maximum holding power. The hook remains protected behind the pit wall until activated. The restraint is designed to withstand a pulling force of 35,000 lbs., giving you an extra margin of safety and protection. Powerhook’s range of operation is unequaled in the industry, from 10" to 30" vertical and from 4" to 16" on the horizontal axis. And should equipment conditions change, the Powerhook can simply be adjusted to accommodate a new range of operation.

Powerhook is the only hydraulic truck restraint that is completely hidden and out of the way of other equipment. This hidden advantage allows for easy drive approach cleaning and eliminates damage from trailer impact.

Powerhook is controlled by the most advanced electronics in the industry. Not only does it perform all Powerhook functions, but it can be programmed to combine with existing security and energy conservation systems for increased convenience and efficiency.

The three-light dock alert communication system, standard with Powerhook restraints coordinates dock activities to help prevent accidents from happening.


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Like the Powerhook, Powerhold is the only other truck restraint that works on both the "X" and "Y" axis to seek and find a trailer’s rear impact guard. It is a non-impact, self-aligning hydraulic truck restraining system. Powerhold closes the safety gap and completely eliminates trailer creep.

Powerhold is easily installed as a retro fitted restraint for existing loading docks. Service range is 12" to 30" above drive approach. Simple mounting into your concrete drive approach allows you to safely hold trailers until they are completely loaded/unloaded.


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